Who We Are

Meet Amazon Trail's staff - the only certified agency and guides in the Brazil Amazon basin.  


DAN  /  office relations & guide

Dan has been part of the team since 2017.  He is a native Brazilian and brings that spunk and laughter to all scenarios.  Because a lot of our time is spent working with associations and the local government, Dan has been a great asset in leading out with these projects.  

Probably his most gifted talent - Brazilian BBQ.  The brotha can cook!


  • PAWGI Wilderness Guide (CWG)
  • Wilderness First-Aid 


BRYAN "DANIEL"  /  office operations & expedition leader

Daniel has been part of the Amazon Trails team since 2016.  He enjoys anything outdoors - fishing, boating, climbing, standing in the hot sun, etc.  You can often hear him saying, "yo...the jungle don't play!"  


  PAWGI Certification ID:  CWG-101266 (CWG-SA)

PAWGI Certification ID: CWG-101266 (CWG-SA)

  • PAWGI Wilderness Guide (CWG)
  • PAWGI Assistant Guide (CAG)
  • Wilderness First-aid