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Thanks to recent changes in laws between the US and Brazil, obtaining your Brazilian visa is easier and cheaper than ever.  No more crazy fees, trips to the consulate or ridiculous 3rd party fees.  

Now, you can do it all online, pay $40 and print it...yup, that easy and cheap. 

Visit to compete your visa application.  If you have any questions, please let us know and we can guide you through this process.  

  • When you apply for the visa, you must have specific dates of travel. These dates can be proven via either a copy of your booked itinerary/reservation produced by a travel agent, if tickets have not yet been bought, or you can provide a copy of your purchased round-trip tickets. You can’t just go online or go to the airport and apply for a visa as it must be done ahead of time.

Hotel in São Gabriel da Cachoeira address (you may need this for your application)

  • Hotel Deus Me Deu
  • Ave. Castelo Branco
  • 69750-000 São Gabriel da Cachoeira, AM
  • Phone number: +55 97-3471- 1395



Tourists may travel to and from Sao Gabriel via plane or boat from Manaus, AM, Brazil.

United States to Manaus:

American Airlines is one of your best options. They have a generous allowance of one carry-on (45”– 22 x 14 x 9) plus one personal item (36”) as well as 2 checked bags weighing a maximum 70 pounds each and 62”. Other airlines with flights to Manaus are TAM and COPA Airlines.


Travel via plane to Sao Gabriel from Manaus:

NOTE:  Because of the different luggage rules/weights between international flights and MAP Airlines we understand packing and planning can be difficult.  After booking with us you will receive a detailed “Orientation Packet” that will provide helpful details how to pack and prepare.  

MAP Airlines provides flights to/from São Gabriel and the regional airport in Manaus, AM, Brazil on Sundays and Wednesdays. You are allowed one carry-on item that weighs no more than 5 kilograms (11 pounds) and is no larger than 35cm X 55cm X 25cm (13.7in X 21.6in X 9.8in). You are allowed a weight limit of 23 kilograms (50 pounds) for checked baggage.


Travel to São Gabriel via Fast Boat:

Traveling by a Tanaka fast boat is about a 25 hour journey from Manaus to São Gabriel and about half the cost of a flight. Meals are provided. Travel departure dates are Tuesdays and Fridays leaving Manaus in the afternoon and leaving São Gabriel in the morning. (See FAQs for more information.) Overnighting in Manaus: You will need hotel reservations. Contact us for more information.



You will also need to purchase Travelers Insurance before the trip. If you don’t already have something, a suggested company for Travelers Insurance is Gallagher. Visit their website and select Short Term Travel Insurance.

On average, the cost is $3.30 American dollars per day per person.  Note this is subject to change with fluctuating change and insurance rates.