São Gabriel da Cachoeira (Saint Gabriel of the Waterfall) is a safe, hospitable city with modern infrastructure in the middle of Brazil’s Amazon rainforest. The remote, interior municipality of São Gabriel da Cachoeira is located on the northern shore of the Rio Negro River, in the region of Cabeça do Cachorro (Dogs Head), Amazonas state, Brazil, and is only accessed by boat or plane. It is also the northernmost city of Amazonas, and part of its territory is within the Pico da Neblina National Park.


The city's population is around 13,000, but the entire region has around 40,800 inhabitants scattered over 109,185 km. The inhabitants are mostly indigenous peoples, many of whom live in surrounding tribes and villages. São Gabriel da Cachoeira is known for being home to 23 different indigenous groups. Most of the non-indigenous residents of the city are affiliated with the Brazilian army, usually serving a term of two years or more.


Along with Portuguese, Nheengatu is also an official language in São Gabriel da Cachoeira. In this region, Nheengatu is used as a common language of communication between Indigenous and non-Indigenous and between Indigenous from different tribes.


Although temperatures range from 70 to 95 degrees with daytime averages of 88 degrees, the high humidity and proximity to the equator make it seem much hotter in the daytime. Late evening and early morning tend to be cooler, especially when sleeping in the jungle. It is hot and humid year round in São Gabriel da Cachoeira with two seasons: rainy season (February to July) and dry season (August to January).

Military Hospital

Hospital de Guarnição is a public hospital, providing free medical care, and is able to meet basic medical needs, test and treat tropical diseases, and assist in emergencies. Serious medical conditions must be treated in Manaus.

Hotel Deus Me Deu – (Hotel God Gave Me)

The Hotel Deus Me Deu offers you a basic room that is clean and air-conditioned, with a mini-fridge, unheated shower, TV (limited channels), and a continental breakfast provided of coffee, fresh juices, breads, cakes, ham, cheese, eggs, fruit, etc.

Nearby Restaurants: Lunch, Dinner, & Snacks

São Gabriel offers several restaurants and snack bars, from pizzerias, regional food, churrascarias (Brazilian type BBQs), ice cream shops, bread shops, etc. 

Local Amenities

Within walking distance from the hotel, you can find grocery stores (with basic food items), pharmacies (with basic medications), two banks with ATMs, and an Internet Café. The internet Café, Amazon Cyber, is right by the hotel. Their internet will often work from the hotel rooms, R$3/1 hour code to access wifi (at a very low speed). For personal transportation, local Taxis & Moto Taxis are available for R$3 anywhere in town.