Rappelling - NEW


New to our Day Treks adventure – Rappelling.  Spend the day rappelling at a local rock face located under the jungle canopy.  This rock face is approximly 25 meters (80 feet).  Here you will have the chance to explore several other rock formations, enjoy beautiful views of the city and river and end it with lunch on the rocks. 

Use of professional gear required provided by Amazon Trails 




 Rock Climbing- NEW

This rock face is a fun challenge. It features a 5.11 sport climb along a tight crack. This climb is great to play add-on and to challenge your friends by setting a new record.

Historical Petroglyphs Site Visit - NEW

Take a beautiful boat tour up the Black River (Rio NEgro) and the River Uaupes to arrive at the petroglyphs historical site.  This site was created by Tukano Indians as a way to communicate their history and culture.  This particular site has hundreds of designs and is only viewable during dry season (Nov-March).

Historical Site Visit.jpg

Jungle Boat Tour

Hop on the boat for an exciting ride through a small jungle river.

Hop on board and head up river to a small creek.  In this small, twisted, quick-flowing creek, you will get to experience indigenous doing what they do.  You will pass several of their planting grounds, see ingigenous in small dugout canoes fishing and enjoy different types of wildlife.  About 1 hour into the ride is a large waterfall and here you will stop for a swim, picnic or relax.  Note: Fee does apply.


Indigenous Craft and Culinary Experience

Visit the nearby Areal Indigenous Community.

Observe a basket weaving demonstration, and try your hand at an artisanal craft. Participate in making farinha, a favorite food of this region. * Handmade crafts will be available for purchase.  Note: Fee does apply.


Baniwa Cultural Center

Travel by vehicle just outside of town to visit a traditional baniwa maloca (indigenous longhouse).

Learn first-hand from them about their lifestyle, language, culture, music, dance, and artisanal work. Walk their trails. Try their food. Enjoy a cultural exchange. Leave with an appreciation of these indigenous people. Artisanal items will be available for purchase.  Note: Fee does apply.  



A short 4x4 drive on a dirt road out of town, takes you to the most famous imaginary line ever: the equator!

Take your picture while standing with one foot on the Northern Hemisphere and the other on the Southern Hemisphere!  Note: Fee does apply.


Boa Esperança Hike

Hike a short trail in town leading to an amazing view of São Gabriel surrounded by the Rio Negro (Black River) and the canopy of the rainforest.

Spot vibrantly colored butterflies, an array of insects, and giant leaves down to the smallest of plant life. This well marked trail can be enjoyed by every explorer.


Sunset at Fortress Hill

Take a late afternoon walk in town atop huge rocks at the river’s edge for a panoramic view of the sunset with Mount Cabari and the Rio Negro in the backdrop.

No two sunsets are alike, so you may want to do this hike more than once to take in the breathtaking view!


Local Market

Enjoy people watching and listen for the sounds of various indigenous languages at the local market while you explore a variety of regional fish, fruits, vegetables, spices, foods, and artisanal crafts.