Packing Your Kit!


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In our experience as jungle trail guiding, probably the most asked question (usually in a super stressed voice) is…” what do I bring and how much of it?”  Fair question, right?  After all, you are coming to the Amazon Jungle…what is there to be stressed about?! 


We find that the lighter and smaller you pack, the more enjoyable your trek and base camp experience will be.  There is nothing worse than looking for that one item you need on the trail and having to dig around our pack for 20 minutes, pulling bag out of a bag which is from another bag…all while the rest of the group is constantly looking at their watch huffing and puffing.  Yup, don’t be that guy.  No one likes that guy. 


We have broken our packing list/recommendations into three simple steps.  Now, this list is not exhaustive and is simply to serve as a guide.  Before you leave for an expedition, it is best to contact your Guide for a complete list of things to bring and not to bring.       


#1 – Your pack and boots

A pack between 35 – 50L is sufficient for our jungle treks.  Since we camp from a base camp, the need to bring extra equipment is not necessary.  Again, think minimalistic.  Make sure all of your straps are secured and not broken (yes, folks do bring broken packs).  A rain cover for your pack is a good idea, too!


Perhaps one of the most important part of the expedition – your boots.  Are they comfortable?  Are they broken in?  Do they provide good support?  Traction?  Yes, these are all important questions you need to ask yourself.  We don’t recommend going to REI and buying the most expensive pair of boots, but you will want a good boot for the type of environment we are in.  Waterproof boots are not recommended - you want a boot that water can enter and freely exit.  We are in the rainforest, so chances are you will get wet and cross a creek or two (or three or four or seven).         


#2 – Your Stuff

Breaking your bag into 4 different small bags is key.  Keeping it simple, organized and nice & tidy.  By keeping these four bags nicely tucked away in your main bag, you can easily identify what is what, keep your camp space tidy and look super legit doing it.  Ideally, you would want these bags to be a type of dry bag.  Be sure to check out our Packing List to see what items we recommend for each bag.  Remember…think small.  Think minimalistic.        


Bag #1 – Sleep Gear – hammock, mosquito net, cord, shorts, shirt, etc.

Bag #2 – Personal Items – headlamp, medications, water filter, etc.

Bag #3 – Clothing – pants, shirt, socks, underwear

Bag #4 – Food – freeze dried and snacks


Yup…simple, right? 


#3 – Top of the Bag

As you are packing, it’s a good idea to leave a little space at the top of your bag for other misc. items, such as your sleeping tarp.  Why your sleeping tarp?  Glad you asked.  In the event of a rain storm and you are trying to set up camp, you can quickly pull out your tarp and get it set up.  Now, you and your pack are out of the rain.  Also, at the main briefing before the expedition, some items may be given to you by Amazon Trails to carry.


There you have it!  If you can follow these simple packing guidelines, we can guarantee that other hikers will be quiet envious of you and your kit.


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Bryan Randolph