Camp Games!


One thing that has been fun with hosting young teams (16-25) is the plethora of games that bring to the table, or the campfire.  Truth is, once the sun sets there isn't much to do in the jungle.  indigenous only use the fire to, once the food is cooked and the sun sets, it can get a little bored (and dark).

As not to spoil the games by listing out how to play, here is a list of games that we have picked up over the last few months.  Great way to pass the time.   These games have the tendency to bring out the best and worst in folks...which is funny.  Perhaps the funniest is getting our local guides in on the action...lost, confused and laugh a lot.    

Its best when you know the rules and really flaunt it in a really condescending way.   

  1. Green Glass Door - people list two items and get a "yay" or "nay" if the combination will work.  Figuring out the pattern is key.
  2. Around the World - take a trip by naming different locations to visit.  The game starter will let you know if you can go or no.  Again, pattern is key.
  3. Black Magic - difficult to figure out, but fun (and so obvious) once you do.  And....again, pattern is key.
  4. Camping Trip - You can only bring a few items on the trip.  The game starter knows this item and you gotta figure it out.  And....and....again, patter is key.
  5. Umbrella Land - yeah, not even gonna spell this one out.  And yes, you guessed it...there is a pattern.
  6. Assassin - trying to figure out who the mafia killed.
  7. Bang Bang - who did I kill?

So, there you have it.  7 games to pass the time at the camp.  The cool thing is, if you withhold the rules, you can keep these games (most of them) going for several nights.

Bryan Randolph